Lonesome Ace – new record “Old Time”

Recorded live in 2 days with no edits or overdubs, this record captures the great live energy of the trio. This is the right treatment for their old-time, Appalachian stringband sound. It’s visceral music – these are tunes and songs for all occasions including  dances, weddings, births, wars, parties and funerals. They come from a tradition that has inspired and brought together generations of people and their themes speak to everyone – love, loss, hard work and hardship, faith, and everyday life.

Recorded by James Paul at Rogue Studios in Toronto, the record has 11 tracks of traditional music, including two original instrumentals. The trio was confident enough in it’s approach that it invited Mitch Fillion (Southern Souls) to shoot some of the recording process, and the results were such that tracks 2 and 9 were captured on film as they were being recorded. Here they are  “Cherry River Line” and “Katy Hill” on Youtube:

If you’re interested in purchasing the CD, go to our website and buy it directly from us.